P.R.I.D.E. This is how we play. This is how we win.

Westerville WarCats play with P.R.I.D.E -- Purpose, Respect, Intensity, Discipline and Effort.


Purpose. Warcats practice and play with purpose at all times. It means that we are mentally focused at all times... every pitch of every practice or game is a learning experience. During the game, your focus is on the game and how you can contribute to another Warcats victory. Anticipate what will happen so that you are mentally prepared to make the right play.

Respect. Warcats respect for themselves, their parents, teammates, coaches, equipment, their opponents, opposing coaches, the umpires, fans, and the game of softball. Demonstrate this respect by your behavior and actions: congratulate everyone who makes a great play, pick up your teammates if they are down, cheer like crazy, and play hard until the last out is made.

Intensity. Warcats play with intensity at all times. Intensity is the fire burning in your stomach that pushes you to give your best effort on every play. When there are two strikes and the game is on the line, we want to be at the plate...give me a pitch to hit and I will make you pay.

Discipline. Warcats will display discipline from the time we arrive at the field to the time we leave. That is we will do things the right way because that is the only way. When we are on the field, we will be in the right uniform with our shirts tucked in and either a mask or visor. You are responsible for keeping your equipment game-ready. You will carry your equipment to and from the field. After the game, we clean the dugout before we leave.

Effort. Warcats give 100 percent effort at all times because that is what will set us apart from other teams. At practice, we hustle between and during drills. During games, we will run out every ground ball, hustle after every fly ball, and back up every throw. If the game seems out of reach, we will never quit on ourselves or our teammates. If we lose a game, it will not be because we have beaten ourselves.